Sanama Black Tax!!

So you guys… I love money! Lol

Lately I spend most of my time on the internet searching stuff about finance (I find money topics very interesting).

I feel like it’s my responsibility to be financially literate, so I work so hard to make sure that I get this education. I believe there’s sufficient information on the internet and that anyone can educate themselves, if they want to.

So I’m on a financial site browsing and I come across this term “Black Tax”. I’m like whaaaat? What is black tax? who pays black tax?? I look it up and this is wassup…

Black Tax – The extra money that black professionals are expected to give every month to support their less fortunate family and extended families.

Some people think the term has a negative connotation attached to it and that it should not be seen as a burden , but a resposibility. I think it’s bad. Of course “tax” is not a nice word, but it’s a burden. I also learned that, You ( the “bread winner” ) could literally be charged for not taking care of your less fortunate family members, it’s that serious!

I think it’s one of the factors that leads to poor people being in the lowest socioeconomic level forever. We’er forced to focus on meeting immediate needs, spend all the money making sure that our family is well taken of ( before even considering taking care of ourselves) and then… we’re left with nothing to save, meaning we’re not accumulating wealth (what we need to do to break this chain).

In my opinion, we need financial education the most… then we’re gonna know how to manage our money, at the same time, be exposed to wealth creating strategies.

People need to start being true to themselves , live beneath their means; We need to start being transparent ( to the dependants) when it comes to our financial status, so that they don’t expect too much; We need to be disciplined, start saving money and then focus on creating generational wealth.

Black Tax is causing financial distress but I think we could cancel it , if we want to… Well it’s gonna take long, but we can do it.

What do you guys think?




Another introduction!

Hello there… Welcome to my world.This is my diary, where I’m gonna be letting it all out. So.. I think I’m soo interesting, the world revolves arround me (skirrrrt) Lmao just kidding. But I think I’m special though…So this is where I’m gonna be sharing my thoughts and emotions.

Well, I’m one transparent bitch… I wouldn’t mind people knowing what goes through my mind, I mean all the time, really. The only thing that’s preventing me is the fact that I can find it very difficult to articulate myself, so I’m working on improving my verbal fluency… or whatever is making it difficult for me to express myself, I don’t know. I aspire to live authentically.

My name is Tlaeka. I’m a 22 year old talentless woman and I think I’m “that bitch” lmao
So I’m a core minimalist (in my head) and I’m a lover of beautiful things. I enjoy feeling pretty(I need makeup in my life). I love fashion, I go crazy about interior design ( I can’t wait to see what my house is gonna look like) and I’m a huuuuge Beyoncé fan ( I think it’s important to mention this, because wow.. I talk about her a lot. She’s my world)

Okay so… I’m gonna be honest, the only reason I’m doing this is to destruct myself from the fact that I cannot afford a YouTube channel at the moment lol. So… I’m gonna yada-yada in here (even though I don’t like typing) untill something comes. I can’t wait!

I think it’s important for me to remind you guys that I’m not a master of linguistics, I’m not writer and I’m not a grammarian, so I think I should apologize… in advance, for all the erros that I’m gonna make haha. Well, I do respect the language but please be easy. I’m gonna get better with practice. Also… this is not a place where you’ll always find something to stimulate your thinking, don’t always expect it. But I can teach you something though 🙂

So yeah… Welcome to my blog, I love you for reading, do come back sometime.